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Metal Golf Ball Alignment Tool

Develops your aim and
improves putting skill

Why should you use an alignment tool before putting?
Because performance on the green accounts for more than you think.

You don't necessarily have to be a good golfer to be a good putter,
but you have to be a good putter to be a good golfer.

Tony Lema

An alignment tool will improve your aiming significantly
The key to reducing your score

Drawing lines on your golf ball before setting foot onto the course will help you hit the ball square and send it rolling in the direction you want it to go.With the P1 Metal Golf Ball Alignment Tool, you can draw 8 different types of line markings to help you with your putt.By drawing and adjusting the markings on your ball to suit your own personal habits, you can effectively improve your putting and lower the number of strokes it takes to put the ball in the hole.